Art as Poetry: The Art of Tom Atkins

TomTom Atkins is an artist, photographer, and writer based in West Pawlet, Vermont. His work has appeared in magazines, books, trade publications, marketing materials, galleries and in many private collections.

Creating art for the past 30 years, Atkins works primarily in watercolor, oil on canvas, pencil, as well as pen and ink.

His pen and ink work derives from real places – castles, mansions, cottages, spiritual spaces and abandoned buildings long fallen into ruin and disrepair. Pencil works tend towards the fantastical and fantasy, with its black and white realism in counterpoint with the shades of gray blending into one another.

And his paintings?

“I am primarily a poet,”  says Atkins, “ and my paintings are like poems, capturing an essence of mood with color, line, and space. They have become my first love. ”

This blog constantly updates his latest work. You can see more of Atkins’ art on his Quarry House website, or visit Fine Art America to get museum quality prints,   If you are a gallery owner who would like to sell his work, or a patron who wishes to have a painting done by commission, or simply want to start a conversation,  you can contact him directly.


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