Gallery Owners

At a gallery opening with my daughter

I would love to have my paintings in your gallery. 

I am very gallery friendly. I work with you to find the right combination of painting for your clients – the right sizes, colors, themes…. whatever makes a difference to you and will touch your clients, I will help do.  I have high quality digital JPG’s of each of my paintings you can use in your own publicity. If you need me to, I can build a catalog for your show and supply tags for each painting with name and price.

I co-market your show on all of my social media outlets, including my blog, my web site, my Fine Art America account and newsletter. Should I sell a painting you are showing on my own, you still get full commission. If you do an opening within a few hours of my little corner of Vermont, including New York City, I’ll gladly attend at no cost to you. If you are elsewhere, and willing to pay the travel cost, I will gladly make the trip.

In short, I want any gallery collaboration to be successful for both of us.

Interested? (and I hope you are). Then please contact me and let’s talk. Everything great starts with a conversation.


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