Gallery Owners

At a gallery opening with my daughter

I would love to have my paintings in your gallery. 

I am very gallery friendly. I work with you to find the right combination of painting for your clients – the right sizes, colors, themes…. whatever makes a difference to you and will touch your clients, I will help do.  I have high quality digital JPG’s of each of my paintings you can use in your own publicity. If you need me to, I can build a catalog for your show and supply tags for each painting with name and price.

I co-market your show on all of my social media outlets, including my blog, my web site, my Fine Art America account and newsletter. Should I sell a painting you are showing on my own, you still get full commission. If you do an opening within a few hours of my little corner of Vermont, including New York City, I’ll gladly attend at no cost to you. If you are elsewhere, and willing to pay the travel cost, I will gladly make the trip.

In short, I want any gallery collaboration to be successful for both of us.

Interested? (and I hope you are). Then please contact me and let’s talk. Everything great starts with a conversation.



City Rain, by Tom Atkins

Style: Beats.

A style inspired by musical beats, by heart beats, by patterns and mid-century modern artists. Bright bars, colors and placement and layers carefully constructed to create a mood or image. Generally oil or watercolor. Paintings encompass all my major themes.

Excitable by Tom Atkins

Style: Energy

Broad strokes. Bold colors. White space. A minimal aesthetic. These paintings crackle with energy.

Into the Forest by Tom Atkins

Style: Graphic Lines

Thin lines, close colors. Images slowly emerge. The longer you look at these paintings, the more you see.

What is Missing by Tom Atkins

Style: Holes in the Color

Contrasting boldness with white space. A starkness between the two that often the viewer fills in with their own empty spaces.

The Color Leaks Out: Blue

Style: The Color Leaks Out

Paintings, watercolor and oil, where the painting spills outside the framing. A bit startling to viewers for some reason, but also fun and often playful.

The Search for Faith

Style: Chaos

Colors and lines that don’t quite. Uncomfortable juxtapositions. A certain uncomfortable sense of anxiety, reflecting the world we live in and the search for meaning.

Painted chair by Tom Akins

Style: Furniture and Light

I take furniture, lights and light shades and paint them in many of my styles. Always bright, these are beloved conversation starters that stand out, where ever you choose to place them.

Style and Theme: Peace

Generally watercolors, often set in the seas or in gentle landscapes, these painting set a mood with the gentle flowing of colors layered one on the other.

detauil of Light in a Dark World by Tom Atkins

Theme: The Amen Corner

A large section of my studio displays paintings of faith, mostly (but not always) Christian. These come in all genres (watercolor, acrylic and oil) and in all sizes. Uplifting and hopeful even in the midst of chaos, these sell well to people or institutions of deep faith. These paintings incorporate all my different styles.

Vermont April by Tom Atkins

Theme: Gardens

Greens and yellows and hopefulness in all sizes. Mostly oil or acrylic. This theme comes out in all my styles.

Poisonaous City by Tom Atkins

Theme: Cities

I have spent much of my work life in cities, so it is natural that they should emerge as a theme. Sometimes hopeful. Sometimes dark, they show up again and again.

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