Interior Decorators

Would your clients rather have original art on their walls? I would love for it to be mine.

The first time I was approached by an interior decorator, they were more concerned about a certain color and feel than any particular painting. I had not thought of my art as having to match another person’s vision before, but as we talked, I totally “got it” and we had a successful collaboration.

If you are working on a interior design project, I will happily work with you. You can look on your own – my blog and my Fine Art America galleries are both set up so you can search tags according to colors and themes. Or you can contact me and we can work together on either existing art, or commissions. Most art is unframed, or framed in simple black frames. Custom framing is available, or use your own framer.  Doing a project that might need several copies of a painting, like a hotel or business interior? You can buy museum quality prints,  framed or unframed, at Fine Art America at reasonable prices.

I am flexible in how I work financially with you. You can buy paintings and mark them up. Your clients can buy them directly. If there are multiple paintings involved, I would consider discounting them. I accept checks from regular patrons, credit cards or Pay Pal.

In short, I want to work with you. Interested? (and I hope you are.), Contact me and let’s talk. Everything great starts with a conversation.


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