About Tom Atkins

Part poet, part broadcast engineer, part marketing expert, part professional creative, photographer, mentor and entrepreneur - I've never been able to tell people what I do in 25 words or less. Raised in Virginia, I now live in Vermont where the New England countrysides and towns sing to me each day, while technology lets me work with clients anywhere and everywhere.

Art and Photographs

barn shop 2-11

New Art and Photographs.

I am part of a group called the Mettowee Makers, a collective of artists and farmers from Vermont’s Mettowee Valley who create and sell co-operatively. We have a small shop in Pawlet, Vermont that is known locally as The Barn Shop.

This weekend I hung some new photographs (Mounted on boars, 8″ x 10″, ready to hang), and one of my painted lamps. The shop is open mostly on weekends, but if there’s something you want, let me know and I’ll pull it from the shop. They are $50 each plus tax and shipping.

There is more on the lamp here. 


Light: Piano Jazz

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At my lovely and bright wife’s suggestion, I have begun painting old lamps and lampshades, creating works of art that look different in the day and the night.
This one is called “Piano Jazz” and is painted in oil. It uses 40-watt “tube bulbs”, similar to what a lot of range hoods use. They can be found in any hardware store.

$125.00 plus tax and shipping.
Members of my creative groups get half price.

Contact me if you would like to purchase this light. 

Experiment: Spring Cards

Spring cards
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Experiment: Spring Cards

Oil on special made-for-oil paper
4″ x 6″
Unframed. Custom framing available.

$20 each
Half price to members of my creative groups

If you are interested in any or all of these, contact me. 
If you have a particular one you like, let me know,
and as long as it remains, you may choose.

The Kingdom of Spring

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The Kingdom of Spring

Oil on Canvas
24″ x 48″
unframed, ready to hang.
No prints will be made of this painting

$800.00, plus tax and shipping.
Members of my creative groups get half price.

Contact me if you wish to purchase this painting.




cuba 1

“What if,” my wife said, “you did one of your paintings on a lampshade?”

Being a woman I listen to and who is often full of good ideas (generally more of them than I can do.), I gave it a go. And here it is. I call the painting “Cuba” because it reminds me of the jazz and lights of old Cuba, particularly at night when the light is behind it instead of in front of it.

In a way, it’s two pieces of art in one. One set of colors and whiteness in the day, and something entirely different at night when the lamp is mixed. Oil on lampshade.

$296.00 plus tax and shipping.
This is for the lamp and lampshade.

As always, members of my creative groups get half price.