Experiment: Spring Cards

Spring cards
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Experiment: Spring Cards

Oil on special made-for-oil paper
4″ x 6″
Unframed. Custom framing available.

$20 each
Half price to members of my creative groups

If you are interested in any or all of these, contact me. 
If you have a particular one you like, let me know,
and as long as it remains, you may choose.

The Kingdom of Spring

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The Kingdom of Spring

Oil on Canvas
24″ x 48″
unframed, ready to hang.
No prints will be made of this painting

$800.00, plus tax and shipping.
Members of my creative groups get half price.

Contact me if you wish to purchase this painting.



Homer’s Garden

Homers Garden 2.JPG

Homer’s Garden

5″ x 7″
Framed to 9″ x 12″


Note: There will be no prints made of this painting. If you are interested in the original, please contact me.

I wrote of this painting in my Quarry House Blog this morning.  In the blog, I wrote “….  All the same, I am glad to be painting again. I am glad to be in the studio a couple of days a week. Glad to see my thoughts and emotions showing up in color and line again. This little painting, for instance, is called “Homer’s Garden.”

I was thinking about my former father in law, Homer Duty. I loved that man and I was terribly sad at his loss. I still feel it some days, particularly in the spring. He loved his yard and loved his garden, and he loved the people around him.

He would have been sad that his daughter and I divorced, but he was of such a spirit, that had he lived, I believe he would have stayed a friend. And he would have liked the woman I am marrying in a few weeks. He would likely have given me something from his garden.

The forsythia are blooming, and one of them came from a cutting from one of his forsythia bushes. I have carried those cuttings with me from place to place ever since he passed, and when they begin to bloom, I think of him.


Back in the Studio Again

I am back in the studio again, after a period of not painting. I can’t exactly say why, and trust me, I have probed and wondered and searched myself as to the whys.

But whatever the reason, I am painting again. Small paintings for a while, I think. But I will be back to the larger canvases soon.


Free Fall

Northern Lights

5″ x 5″
framed to 11″ x 11″


Note: there will be no prints made of this painting. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please contact me.