Art on the Green

Spending this morning getting ready to do Art on the Green next weekend. First outdoor show ever for me, so there is a mix of anticipation and fear. My Studio floor is littered with paintings as I try to figure out what to take, and what other stuff I need to take to make it all work. If you are local to me, it’s next Saturday from 10 till 4. There  are a lot of really amazing artists and craftspeople who will a part of this thing – over 40 of them.  Click here to see the whole list.

And say hi to me when you come!


Pawlet s   Art on Edie s Green


  1. Good luck at Art on the Green. I was considering participating in Easels and Diesels here in my town in November. The artists is required to provide their own tent, displays etc. and I figured I had time to get all that. But I got the application yesterday and as part of the application process, they not only want jpeg images of the art you are entering (it’s juried), they also want a photo of your booth setup. So reluctantly I will have to pass on that event. Maybe next year, if they accept digital art.

    • Wow! That’s a lot of prep work! A picture of the booth too? I’d be up the creek, since I’ve never done a booth. I’m figuring that out this morning, in fact!

      “Easels and Diesels”. I LOVE that name. I had to go look it up as soon as I read it.

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