Semi Transparent

Semi transparent

Semi Transparent

approximately 13″ x 21″
Currently unframed

A slightly different palette for me.
I’ve decided to give this painting (the original) away.
So anyone who “likes” this painting, either here or on Facebook,
in the next week will be entered in a drawing to receive it free.
I will ship it anywhere in the world.

Museum quality prints and cards can still be bought here. 

One comment

  1. I love the idea of this being semi-transparent. A bit like how some people have ulterior motives when they do things – you can sort of see what they’re up to but know there’s something they are hiding or not saying. To me this looks like a crowd of people huddling around a body or something/one who’s just fallen to the floor… each of them not sure what’s going on and turning to each other… ‘Did you see what happened here?’ one asks; ‘No… i thought you might have done?’ Love it as usual Tom!

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