8 Hacks for an Edge in Any and All Art Competitions

Frankly, I don’t like to do art competitions, but now and again, I get roped into one by this friend or that gallery I work with. I found this article useful. Next time I DO get talked into it, I’m going to try some of these things.

From Artists’ Network.




“Once you are ready to take the step to show your art, the exciting part starts. You can put an image on your website so your friends, family and a collector or two can take a look. Look into opportunities to display your painting or drawing publicly, both in traditional galleries and more unconventional spaces, near and far. You can also submit your work for inclusion in an art contest. All art competitions offer you yet another opportunity of getting your work seen. Here are a few hacks to give you an edge. Enjoy!”

Rest of the article is here. 

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