A question about Art Storage.

My studio right now

A Lou Reed kind of afternoon in the studio. I wonder sometimes what the neighbors think of my taste in music.

I have been cleaning up the studio the past week. It seems when there are no galleries to hang my paintings in because of quarantine, that I have way too many paintings. It has been an interesting exercise, separating them into distinct styles and themes, as part of a larger process of getting them organized.

Which leaves me with an issue. How to store them. I have a closet that I can build some shelves in for storage. It would be dark (no fading) and a bit of trouble to build. Reasonable cost. But it will eat up most of my closet space and I only have one closet.

If you have any good ideas on reasonably-priced options, let me know!

The good news? I have room to paint again!

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