Light: Piano Jazz

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At my lovely and bright wife’s suggestion, I have begun painting old lamps and lampshades, creating works of art that look different in the day and the night.
This one is called “Piano Jazz” and is painted in oil. It uses 40-watt “tube bulbs”, similar to what a lot of range hoods use. They can be found in any hardware store.

$125.00 plus tax and shipping.
Members of my creative groups get half price.

Contact me if you would like to purchase this light. 

Poisonous City

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Poisonous City
Oil on Canvas
36″ x 12″
Unframed, ready to hang

$300.00 plus tax and shipping
Contact me to purchase this painting. 

Members of my creative groups may purchase this at half price.

Six Shades of Green

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Six Shades of Green
Oil on Canvas
8″ x 10″

Unframed, ready to hang
Original only. There will be no prints made of this image.

$150.00 plus tax and shipping
Contact me to purchase this painting. 

Members of my creative groups may purchase this at half price.

Oriental Experiment: China Sea


Oriental Experiment: China Sea

Oil on Canvas
9″ x 20″. Unframed, ready to hang.
Custom framing available.
Original only. No prints will be made of this painting.

$175.00 plus shipping

This is one of several experimental paintings with Oriental influences.
Members of the creative groups I am part of pay half price.
Contact me to purchase this painting.




“What if,” my wife said, “you did one of your paintings on a lampshade?”

Being a woman I listen to and who is often full of good ideas (generally more of them than I can do.), I gave it a go this week. And here it is. I call the painting “Cuba” because it reminds me of the jazz and lights of old Cuba, particularly at night when the light is behind it instead of in front of it.

In a way, it’s two pieces of art in one. One set of colors and whiteness in the day, and something entirely different at night when the lamp is mixed. Oil on lamp shade.

I have no idea what to charge for it, but I am open to offers…..




Your Huddled Masses

Your Huddled Masses 2

Your Huddled Masses

Oil on mounted canvas
36″ x 24″
Unframed, ready to hang.

A Celebration of Immigrants. So often feared and reviled, they are actually the color in our country, and always have been.

Contact me if you are interested in the original painting. You can get museum quality prints of this painting and many other items with this art on it at Fine Art America.


Tyranny by Tom Atkins

Oil on Canvas
30″ x 40″
Currently unframed. Custom framing available

Interesting in the original? Contact me. 

Interested in museum quality prints and cards? Go here. 

What causes tyranny in our lives? What does it feel like?