New Studio update #1

studio cleaned

An update on the new studio.

A month or so ago I announced that I was going to be renting new studio space. A friend of mine recently bought an old Presbyterian Church in nearby Middle Granville, and I am renting the back room behind the sanctuary. It will get me about 4 times the space I have now, and great light.

My friend, Jeff Anderson, is turning the downstairs fellowship hall into a shop for making and repairing string instruments. And the sanctuary is intended to become a public space for performances, markets, and who knows what else.

I got the keys to the new space late this week. And this afternoon I took a few hours to clean the space out. There was furniture in there – desks and computer desks. Piles and piles of old mildewed hymnals and other ecclesiastical books (all but one beyond saving). Boxes of ancient Christmas decorations. A collection of fax machines (dead), a computer (Windows 95, version 1), random wires, moldy choir robes (a LOT of them, like a history of choir robe fashion for the last 6 decades.), trash, broken mirrors, frames beyond fixing.  things I did not recognize, and a few things I was just plain afraid of.  All this I hauled to the dumpster. After all that stuff, I took a hammer to a warped, heavy cabinet and broke it into pieces.

All of it into the dumpster.

Next? Pull up the musty old carpet and see what’s beneath it. And decide whether I am brave enough to pull up the subfloor to get to the original flooring, which looks wonderful, but who knows how rotted it may or may not be!

Life’s an adventure! I will keep you posted.


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