Update on the Studio #2

studio 3

The good news is that the carpet and padding are coming up pretty easily. I got about a third of it done this morning and should finish that part of it Monday. There’s a big pile of carpet on the ground beneath the open window and that will get tossed in the dumpster Monday as well.

The bad news is what’s underneath. The original floor under the subfloor is half rotted. The subfloor is fine, but… there’s this awful, brittle, ancient linoleum tile held (sort of) on by thick black mastic. Ugh. Oh, and they stapled the padding to the tiles, so a fair number of them popped off when I pulled up the padding.

Too much trouble to pull up the subfloor and put in another so I will be gluing the tiles back down and painting the floor I think. Not pretty, but this is a working studio. All I want is light and space and there’s plenty of both here.

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