New Studio Update #3

A Quick update on the new studio.

My daughter is up from Virginia this weekend. She has a thing for demolition, particularly if it involves crowbars, so she joined me this morning. She had too much fun, I think, but that’s her degree in Historic Preservation showing through.

Studio 5.JPG

We finished the ripping up of carpet and padding and got it all in the dumpster. Then it was decision time about the floor. Keep the tiles and just paste down the ones that came loose, or keep ripping?

The decision actually turned out to be an easy one. A lot of the tiles came up with the padding and it was brittle, sometimes breaking in our hands as we pulled it loose. So it was time to see what was underneath the subfloor.

As it turned out, the subfloor was not plywood. It was some kind of fiberboard stuff. No rot in it, but it comes apart in small sections and with a lot of work. It’s going to take a while to get it all up. But when I do, the original floor is solid (Whew! I was sweating that one.) and so far, we haven’t found any rot.

studio 4

So there’s a fair amount of work ahead to clear the floor, but after that? I should be ready to move in. There’s light at the end of this tunnel.


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