Studio Update #5


A day of progress.

I hauled out ten bags of floor debris yesterday and swept the place. What a difference that made! That allowed me to put up a couple of work tables. I am going to pick up a couple of drop cloths today. I want to use them as paintable carpets so I can experiment with spray paints and paint frames on the floor.

And tomorrow I’ll start moving stuff in. RIght now you can see the work tables. Nothing fancy, just light and space. In the back is a rack that holds backdrop cloths for photography. This will be for shooting paintings and other things. Maybe even a portrait or two along the way.

And then the moving. I have a small plantation desk and a Windsor chair I use for drawing. A couple of small shelves for holding supplies. Photography lights. a couple more chairs for visitors. And supplies. It will take a while, but by next week, I should be painting again.

Space and light. It’s a beautiful thing.


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